Our scanning pipeline


The scanner captures the object under continuous lighting patterns from 360 degrees around. The process ranges from 1s-40s depending on the customization.


The data from scanner is passed through to our processing pipeline which optimizes for a result that agrees with the input.


The final result is a high-quality relightable 3D model with textures which can be viewed on-line in real-time on any devices with WebGL.

Our alpha prototype

The alpha version is a truncated icosahedron (soccer ball) shape consists of 18000 programable LEDs. Each LED can be controlled individually to display 1024 intensity levels within 1/60th of a second. The object at the center is illuminated with continuous lighting patterns. There are 6 camera along the vertical axis which capture photos of the objects, encoded with the information of the object's shape and how it reflects lights. The object is rotated to complete 360 degree capture. All of these process takes around 40 seconds from start to finish.
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